Workshop cum Interaction Program on Hospital Waste Management

Organized by: Butwal Sub Metropolitan City
Technical support by: Friends Service Council Nepal (FSCN)
Date: 14th February 2015
Venue: Butwal Sub Metropolitan seminar Hall


Workshop cum interaction program on Hospital Waste Management was organized by Butwal Sub Metropolitan city with the technical support of Friends Service Council Nepal (FSCN) on 14th February 2015. The main objective to organize this interaction was, to disseminate the information, knowledge and its hazardous counterpart impact delivered to the entire community and ultimately to the whole nation by medical waste.but_1 The targeted strata of this workshop was health professionals, health institution, person involved in hospital waste management and others concerned authority. The consequences developed from hospital generated waste and its improper disposal or management was the burning issue in this contemporary society.
With the insight illuminated by FSCN to the Butwal Sub Metropolitan City in the face of hazardous aspects and the consequences developed by it to the community, when it was mixed with the municipal waste. To get rid from these issues, Municipal organized this activity with the motto to keep and maintain the safe environment in term of health and aesthetics beauty of the city.



. To disparage community people from the health hazards contributed by the improper disposal of hospital waste.

. To make clear the understanding of medical professional about the hazard of hospital waste if mixed with municipal waste

. To illustrate the way of management of hospital waste as well as segregation of hospital waste


. Chief District officer, District Administration Office, Rupandehi

. Chairman, Hospital Development Committee, Lumbini Zonal Hospital, Butwal

. Matron, Lumbini Zonal Hospital, Butwal

. Chief, Butwal Sub Metropolitan City

. Environmental Section Chief and Staffs, Butwal Sub Metropolitan City

. Representative from Private Hospitals Association, Rupandehi

. Representative from Private Hospitals, Rupandehi

. Representative from Pharmaceuticals Association, Rupandehi

. Civil Society Organization, Rupandehi

.  Friends Service Council Nepal

. Political Parties Leaders, Rupandehi

. Media (National Television, Paper and Radio)

The program was formally inaugurated by Chief Guest, Mr. Toyam Bahadur Rayamajhi, Chief District officer, Rupandehi. He welcomed all the participants and stated the opening statement. but_2Likewise Chief of Butwal Sub Metropolitan city, Mr. Dhubra Karki highlighted the background of this activity, it was also a headed by senior officer Mr. Bhuwa Luitel from Butwal Municipality exploring more objective of this events.
After completion of this formal session, technical session was proceed, in this session Mr. Rishi Dahal, Project Coordinator of Friends Service Council Nepal, presented the paper on Hospital Waste Management reflecting the different aspects of management either that is for income generation, proper way of management ,segregation or for its use considering the 4r principle. Moreover, Mr. Dahal focused his presentation on the intensity of hazard contributed by Hospital waste when mixed with municipal to the society. He also in sighted the knowledge on, the waste percentage, i.e. 15 to 25% of waste is infectious out of the total Hospital generated waste, but without proper management it can contaminate all the Hospital waste at that moment the risk cannot be calculate.
Finally, the interaction session was followed by the presented participants and was facilitated by Mr. Dibit Aryal and Rishi Dahal from Friends Service Council Nepal. The issues and queries of participants were addressed.
At the end of the event, all the participants came into the conclusion that there is the need for the formation of working technical committee in the face of this matter, so with the initiation of FSCN, technical committee was formed. The committee is included of Lumbini zonal hospital’s president as coordinator, secretary role is given to district health office chief, whereas Friends Service Council Nepal assigned to handle technical part. Similarly, the above mentioned organization declared as member of this committee.