Completion of OCAT Application Workshops

Organizational capacity assessment of 120 COs from 10 districts (Achham, Baitadi, Bajhang, Doti, Mahottari, Pyuthan, Ramechhap, Rautahat, Rasuwa and Siraha) formed under PAF programme has been completed by July 2013. A total of 3401 CO members participated in 2-day OCAT workshops. OCAT typically focuses on helping organizations assess seven  components  of  organizational  effectiveness  –  governance, management  practices,  human  resources,  financial  resources,  service delivery, external relations, and sustainability  –  these are the broadest or  highest  level  of  measurement of  an  organization’s  capacity. The OCAT  describes  the  four  stages  of  an organization  as  Nascent, Emerging,  Expanding  and  Matured.

Baitadi- Bhumiraj COs (OCAT)


Based  on  the  application  of OCAT,  10%  of  COs  were  in  nascent  stage,  77.5%  were  in  emerging stage and 12.5% were in expanding stage. None of the COs were found to be in matured stage.  Along with the application of the OCAT, the satisfaction scorecard was also applied to generate certain information from the COs in relation to the services delivered  by  the  concerned  POs. Out of 120 COs, 7.5% COs seemed to be highly satisfied 52.5 % satisfied and 40% COs unsatisfied.


All reports after OCAT were analyzed by an independent consultant. The analysis includes the issues such as reporting of grievances by the CO regarding PAF programs, satisfaction level of the CO towards the service provided by POs, affiliation in networks, determination of organizational development phase of the COs. Similarly, based on the analysis by the consultant, each organization will be provided with two types of capacity development trainings.

Mahila bkas CO