Community Based Psychosocial Support Program

The devastating earthquake and continuous aftershocks increased the number of psychosocial problems among a huge population of earthquake affected areas, where FSCN is working. The rate of disturbed and restless population was high. The children could not concentrate in their studies and many people especially elderly were suffering from anxiety. Considering such situation, FSCN started school/community based psychosocial support program and mainstreaming it with the relief support and other programs.

  • Establishment of multi-purpose program venue / safe homes for psychosocial support

In order to conduct individual and group psychosocial support programs, safe homes for psychosocial support were established in 6 different places of Lalitpur (Lamatar, Lubhu, Siddhipur & Bungmati) and Bhaktapur (Saraswatikhel & Nekosera. These safe homes are presently being used as multi-purpose program venues for conducting various community based programs like meetings, trainings, awareness programs, FGD’s, recreational activities for youth, women and children etc.

  • Psychosocial support programs

Different activities were conducted under EEP’s psychosocial support program with an aim to improve psychosocial status of the earthquake affected community people. The list of major activities conducted in psychosocial support program and the number of beneficiaries is listed below:


S.N. Activities Beneficiary number
1. Training  to community leaders, youth volunteers and staff on conflict mitigation/ mediation of issues like gender discrimination, social injustice, racism, conflicts, etc. 24
2. Community based awareness activities 544
3. 40 Community leaders conducts 3 community awareness events each 979
4.  Mobilization and use of safe spaces for affected women and children in need of family and community support. 510
5. Facilitate culturally appropriate recreational activities for  Schools children, youths and women and men (games, competitions, song competitions etc) 2252
6. Training for local youth volunteer community based psychosocial support 74
7. Mainstreaming of PSS in other programs 4659
  Total 10,701