Projects implemented by FSCN

 1. Earthquake Emergency project (EEP)- April 2015-April 2016

Immediately after the mega earthquake in Nepal, Friends Service Council Nepal (FSCN) with the financial and technical support of Act Alliance, Dan Church Aid (DCA) and Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) started this project. The program has been launched into 3 phases in agreement with DCA/ NCA.

Phase I- 28 April to May 2015, Phase II – June to 15 Oct 2015 and Phase III- 16 Oct 2015 to April 2016

Partner Organizations: Act Alliance, Dan Church Aid (DCA) & Norwegian Church Aid (NCA)

2. “Solid Waste and Sanitation Management Project” 
under the partnership of Global WASH Alliance through Nepal WASH Alliance, in Rupandehi District, Nepal since 2014 November till date.
 Funding Source: WASTE Netherland, Netherlands
3.      “ Strengthening Governance and Capacity Building of Community Organizations”, under Citizen Action for Result, Transparency and Accountability (CARTA) Program; in Achham, Baitadi, Bajhang, Doti, Rautahat, Pyuthan, Rasuwa, Ramechhap, Siraha and Mahottari from 15th Jan 2013 to  30th June 2014.
Funding Source: Japanese Social Development Fund (JSDF), Partnership for Transparency         Fund (PTF),       Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Nepal.
4.      Strengthening data based WASH accountability in three districts- Siraha, Udayapur and Doti”  from February 2013- March 2013
 Funding Organization: WaterAid Nepal
5.      People Campaign for Water, Health and Sanitation Project(PCWaSH) III phase in Rupandehi district from October 2013 –  September 2014.
Funding Source: SIMAVI, the Netherlands
6.      Farms of the Future (FOTF)” Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security in Rupandehi district from May 2012 to October 2012.
  Funding Source:  Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security and University of Oxford,    Oxfordshire.
7.       Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Rupandehi District from  2012 to 2014 A.D
 Funding Source: Caritas Nepal
8.      People Campaign for Water, Health and Sanitation Project (PCWaSH) II phase project in Rupandehi district from Jun 2009 – April 2012.
Funding Source: SIMAVI, the Netherlands
9.      Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Rupandehi District from 2009- 2011 A.D
Funding Source: Caritas Nepal
10.      People Campaign for Water, Health and Sanitation Project (PCWaSH)  II phase project in Rupandehi district  from Jan 2005 – April 2007.
 Funding Source: SIMAVI, the Netherlands
11.  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Rupandehi District from 2005- 2008 A.D
Funding Source: Caritas Nepal
12.  Community Environment, Health and Sanitation Project in Lubhu, Lalitpur district for 1.5 years
 Funding Source: EZE Germany (Through Association of Development Agencies Nepal)
13.  People Empowerment Project in Makrahar, Rupandehi district for 1 year
 Funding source:  SNV, The Netherlands
14.  Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Project in Lamatar of Lalitpur district/ 2nd batch/ 2.4 years
Funding Source:  Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board.
15.  Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Project in Panchakanya, Belkot, Okharpauwa of Nuwakot district/ 3rd batch/ 2.6 years
 Funding Source:  Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board.
16.  Rohini River Basin Program in Rupandehi district / 2.5 years
 Funding source:  Oxfam GB
17.  Women’s Empowerment Goat Rearing Project (including vegetable farming) in Rupandehi district / 4 years
 Funding source:  Heifer Project International, USA and local funding
18.  Rural Transportation and Agro processing Project in Rupandehi district / 2 years
Funding source: Intermediate Technology Development Group (UK)
19.  Sringeri Rural Drinking Water Program in Lalitpur district / 1 year
Funding source:  Aus-Aid, Australian Embassy and local funding
20.  Disaster relief distribution Program – 649 families in Janakpur district / 1 month
Funding Source: Aus-Aid, Australian Embassy
21.  Micro-Credit Project for Women in Lalitpur district / 3 years
 Funding Source:  Women Development Department, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare    Ministry and local funding
22.  Disaster response and preparedness program for Rupandehi District / 6 months
Funding source:  Caritas, Belgium and local funding
23.  Regional Workshop on Flood Disaster Management in Rupandehi district / 5 days
 Funding source:  DED, Germany and local funding
24.  Community Learning Center project in Rupandehi district / 1 year
Funding source:  Cottonwood foundation, USA and local funding
25.  Safety Net Campaign on Disaster Preparedness in Rupandehi – 1st phase / 1 year
 Funding source: Action-Aid Nepal
25.  Women Empowerment Project (WEP) in Rupandehi district / 1 year
 Funding source: DED Germany
27.  Women Empowerment Project (WEP) in Lalitpur district / 1 year
 Funding source: Cottonwood Foundation, USA
28.  Resource Center Development Project in Lalitpur / 1.5 years and still ongoing
 Funding Sources: NEWHA/IRC, the Netherlands
29.  Holistic Empowerment and Livelihood Support Program (HELP) in Rupandehi district / ongoing
 Funding Source: Global Ministries, The Netherlands
30.  One day Interaction Program on Disaster and Governance in Lalitpur district
 Funding Source: ActionAid Nepal
31.  One day Interaction Program on Water and Disaster in Lalitpur district
Funding Source: FSCN
32.  One day Interaction Program on Disaster and Millennium Development Goals in Lalitpur district
Funding Source: DED Nepal
33.  One day Interaction Program on Disaster and Poverty in Lalitpur district
 Funding Source: DED Nepal
34.  Vegetable Farming for Livelihood Support Program/ 1 year
 Funding Source: Cottonwood Foundation, USA
35.  Safety Net Campaign on Disaster Preparedness in Rupandehi – 2nd phase / 1 year
 Funding Source: Action-Aid Nepal
36.  Training for Teachers for FSCN Volunteer / 3 days
 Funding Source: DED Nepal
37.  Disaster Management Training for School Teachers/ 2 days
 Funding Source: DED Nepal
38.  Capacity Building Training Program for DiMaNN Network Members (14 districts)/ 5 days
 Funding Source: ActionAid Nepal
39.  Peace Encouragement Program (PEP)
Funding source:  Friends Service Council, Nepal
40.  Interaction Program on Disaster, Water & Life and Diary 2063 Production for Disaster Awareness,
   Funding source: DED Nepal / AAN / DIPECHO / FSCN
41.  Integrated Program for River Basin Management in the Rohini Catchment Area
            Funding source: DED Nepal
42.   Building Community Resilience to Disaster (including livelihood support program) / 17 months  ( March 2006 – July 2007)
Funding source: European Commission DIP-ECHO III / AAN
43.    Strategic Planning for Disaster Management
Funding source: AAN / FSCN
44.   Reconstruction of Community Road/ 6 months
Funding source: Cottonwood Foundation, USA
45.    Community Reconciliation Pilot Project/ 9 months
Funding Source: Action-Aid International Nepal
46.    Surakshit Samudaya: Building Safer Community through Disaster Management /17 months
Funding Source: European Commission DIPECHO IV / AAN (Nov 2007- March 2009)
47.     Disaster relief distribution program-relief materials distributed to 434 families in Rupendehi district in 2007.
Funding Source: Caritas Nepal
48.    Disaster relief distribution program-relief materials distributed to 735 families in Dhanudha             district in 2002.
Funding Source: Australian Embassy AMCHOR, USA and local funding
49.    Promotion of Peace Building on Communities and Educational Institutions / Rupandehi            (December 2007 to July 2009)
Funding Source: Caritas Nepal
50.    Capacity Building and Extension Program for Integrated Pest Management /Rupandehi     (January 2008 to 2009)
Funding Source: Caritas-Nepal
51.     District workshop on ‘Household Energy, Indoor Air Pollution Problem and Health’ held in Rupandehi. (11 March 2008)
Funding Source: Practical Action Nepal
52.    Shelter Construction Project/ one year (May 2008 – April 2009)
Funding sources: Caritas Nepal
53.    Training Manual Publication Project on WASH and Disaster Management/ 6 months
Funding source: Cottonwood Foundation, USA

54.  Workshop on Networking, Partnership and Linkage (NePaLi) in Lalitpur district/ 2 days Funding Source: ActionAid, RCNN and FSCN