Who is FSCN?

Friends Service Council Nepal (FSCN) is a not-for-profit, national level, non-government organization working on socio-economic development and human rights in Nepal, operating since 1991.

FSCN’s specific areas of intervention are: Drinking water, health and sanitation; capacity development; human rights; development and empowerment of women, child and youth; gender equality and social inclusion (GESI); climate change; disaster risk management.

FSCN focusses on working with the most marginalised people in society: Women, Dalits, Janajatis, the poorest of the poor.

Registrations and associations:

FSCN was registered under Lalitpur District Administration Office in 1991. It is also registered at Social Welfare Council of Nepal as per requirement for all NGOs in Nepal.

FSCN’s Central Office is based in Lalitpur district in the Kathmandu Valley and their Regional Office is located in Rupandehi district in the Terai.

FSCN is a member of strategic networks including


The president of FSCN, Mr Surya Bahadur Thapa, founded DIMANN and has been Chair and treasurer of the NGO Federation of Nepal. He is known as a strong voice against corruption (which has not always won him friends in Nepal or beyond) and has been working in this field for over 30 years.

Why FSCN is a credible and worthwhile recipient of your funding:

Track record of fast, practical action:

  • One week after the quake, they have already distributed relief materials to 1800 families, before they have even received any funding.
  • They have taken out personal loans with local businesses in order to take immediate action rather than wait for funding to come in.
  • Two days after the quake they had already reached 200 families with relief materials, while it is fair to say that most relief missions (private effort and by organisations) have taken a week to mobilise and materials from INGOs appear to be still largely ‘blocked’ in Kathmandu.
Earthquake Support by FSCN
Earthquake Support by FSCN
Earthquake relief support  by FSCN
Earthquake relief support by FSCN

 Capacity to deliver:

  • Extensive and committed volunteer network – despite every family in the central part of Nepal being personally affected by the earthquake and suffering some form of loss, having to sleep outside etc, FSCN have mobilized 15-20 volunteers every day since the quake. From transport, to finding the money to buy materials, to purchasing and distributing, etc
  • Their disaster relief experience means they know what to get and how to get it there without duplication or people missing out
  • Their history and experience means they have excellent networks and can use the existing structures, organisations and relationships to effectively and peacefully distribute relief materials.
    • Note – very often relief distribution causes conflict and violence can erupt at distribution points.       Hence it is critical to use accepted community structures to gather information and distribute     materials. Trust and transparency is crucial for community wellbeing at this time, when scarcity       brings about desperate behavior. Established networks with the organisations who have real respect       in the local community is the thing that makes the difference here. FSCN has these networks and long history as a voice against corruption. They have the credibility to avoid (as much as is possible given the circumstances) community conflict caused by distribution of relief materials.
  • They fully understand the need to (and know exactly how to) coordinate to ensure no duplication of effort

Maximum on-ground distribution/low overheads:

  • As a relatively small organization which mobilises volunteers, FSCN has low overheads yet strong capacity to deliver. Excellent ‘value’ for donated funds compared with the very large organisations which are currently blocked by ‘coordination challenges’, one week after the quake.
  • For longer term efforts, FSCN will put together a strategic plan for targeted areas which must include fair salaries and operational costs, but this initial effort has been entirely voluntary.

Transparency and accountability:

  • FSCN will fully audit all funds received and how they were spent
  • They are required to submit an audited report to the central government and can
  • supply this audited report to all donors

The details of the Bank Account are below:

Name of the Account:- Friends Service Council Nepal

A/C Number:- 00600301060022

Swift Code:- HIMANPKA

Name of Bank:- Himalayan Bank Limited

Address of Bank:- Pulchowk, Patan, Lalitpur

Country:- Nepal