Butwal Agricultural Festival and Sani Mart Exhibition-2015


Butwal chamber of commerce is the umbrella organization of businessman, small and large entrepreneur working in different type of the industrial sectors which is related to food or daily needed goods for accommodation and luxurious purpose. Every year they organizes Agriculture Festival in the core arcade of Butwal Sub Metropolitan City with the motto to explore the different technologies adopted regarding production sectors and also its promotion as well. butwol_1Moreover, to illustrate the advancement of practices, methodology and information system which enables the maximum production which is the vital concerned of today’s world. Demonstration of corresponding nexus relating to the agriculture sectors for its scale up is also another motto. As being the nonprofit and non-governmental organization, FSCN is working in different aspects of WASH sectors in different vicinity of Rupandehi Districts from the past eight years. In contemporary situation FSCN is one of the member organization of Nepal Wash Alliance. Furthermore, FSCN is contributing in business model relating to the wash sectors following the PPP model in this districts.


butwol_2As regularly, in context to the previous years, in this year also, Butwal chamber and commerce organized Agriculture fest from 5th to 10 February, 2015 a 6 daylong event. There were all together 126 different stalls relating different agriculture products and its associates which help to established the linkage between the next corresponding applicable sectors and it’s vice versa. With the coordination of D-Wash-CC and collaboration with different Nepal Wash Alliances member organization, Friends Council Nepal takes the initiative approach and lead role in term of participation and management. For instance, biogas and its outcome slurry is consider as the organic manure, water pump for irrigation, filter for water quality testing, compost bin for compost fertilizers production and way of micro financing for getting such type of instrument and also for the advocacy related documents for general people to finger out the way for getting this facilities allocated by the government i.e. reaching to unreached. With the motto to develop the collaborative and sequential approaches in term of WASH business promotion and disseminate the knowledge and ideas about the WASH related components to the community people belonging to the different geographical region.


The event lasts for 6 days in which more than 5 hundred thousand people visited. The NWA stall was appreciated by the visitors.

So that, FSCN requested all the WASH alliances member to take their participation for the purpose to explore and demonstrate their WASH related products in the sequential way which help to enhances the understanding of users group in the face of WASH and its associated components ,products so on.
To promote these sectors in meaningful way, FSCN request all the member organization of NWA for their participation by demonstrating their products in this event under the single umbrella.


The Nepal WASH Alliance member organization participated in the exhibition are

. Environment and Public Health organization (ENPHO).
. Lumanti Support Group for Shelter
. The Federation of Drinking Water and Sanitation Users Nepal
. Biogas Support Program
. Center for Community Development Nepal
. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene- Resources Center Network Nepal



  1. To explore and demonstrate WASH related products in the sequential way which helps to enhances the understanding of users group in the face of WASH and its associated components, products
  2. To develop the collaborative and sequential approaches in term of washes business promotion and disseminate the knowledge and ideas about the WASH related components to the community people belonging to the different geographical region


FSCN booked the stall for abovementioned purpose for 6 days. FSCN displayed the entire concerned NWA member organization product in the sequential order in the single stall reflecting meaningful understanding to the observers and interested viewers and also for the person involved in the WASH business. Actually the product were displayed in such the way, people were able to make picture in their mind about the WASH related products and WASH sectors and its relevancy to another corresponding nexus .for examples, the waste generated from the household level can be transformed into the organic compost, likewise the slurry generated from the biogas is also used as the compost fertilizers for agriculture purpose.butwol_3 Different types of pumps for irrigation purpose filter for water quality testing and the procedure for micro financing to make approach in this instrument, for those who do not have money to get it. FSCN staff also facilitated to observers to make them better understanding of the products in term of its application and benefits. Within this 6 days, observers and visitors from inside and outside from the Rupandehi districts visited our stall reflecting their more concerned in this sectors. All aged people, school student; different occupational people visit our stall. Near about 2 hundred thousand people visited Agriculture festival.


People showed their meaningful interest about the wash sectors and its products, process relating its application too. More than 400 people noted their name and contact number in our register for further query in the coming tenure. Butwal Sub Metropolitan City also asked for in sighting the knowledge and technical assistance to their technical person like engineer and overseers for orientation and training on construction of biogas plant. The municipality is ready to request BSP for technical training and assistance to their human resources, which they verbally showed their interest during the exhibition. Similarly, different women group were also interested on compost bin for organic manure preparation. The farmers nearby were excited to know about the urine application method that can be applied in agriculture. The people were also interested in low investment water technology which can benefit community.

Such type of initiative approach was firstly initiated by Friends Service Council Nepal to demonstrate the all wash alliances member product in the common platform which is highly appreciated and admired by observers and concerned stakeholders. People have their interest on WASH sectors linking with the economical development. Such type joint venture activity is always welcome and in need of society to empower and encourage other WASH stakeholder to bring all of them in a common platform for future sustainability.