Capacity development trainings to the members of Community Organizations under PAF program

IMG_0394 (3)Two different types of capacity development trainings were supposed to be delivered to the CO members in order to strengthen their organizational capacity. Each  training would be of 2 days and one or two representatives of each CO would participate in the trainings. During the analysis of OCAT findings, it was realized that the CO members did not have adequate knowledge on how to maintain the CO’s bookkeeping. It was also found that there had been the same leadership for years after the formation of COs. With the view to provide leadership skills, a training related to leadership development was adjudged to be necessary.


Keeping the provision of proposal and in line with recommendations of consultant, two trainings viz. COs organizational management and leadership development training, and Basic account keeping training were provided to the CO members were conducted between September and October. 20 events of such trainings were conducted in the project districts.


IMG_3883The participants were highly appreciative of the trainings and stated that they have never received such type of trainings before. These types of trainings have brought the members of COs together and because of which they could share their experiences related to their COs.