DRR simulation in Lakuribhanjyang


A simulation event was conducted in Lakuribhanjyang by FSCN in collaboration with Lalitpur Red Cross Society in Lakuribahnjyang on 24 June 2016. The main objective of the simulation was to make the community people conscious by practicing the disaster model focusing on disaster risk management at communal level.


Simulation was designed to match with the context of Mahalaxmi municipality – 1, Lakuri Bhanjyang. Key partners like first aid team, search and rescue team, fire extinguishing personnel, DMC members and concerned community authorities were identified to participate in the drill.


The simulation was initiated by introducing the prepared mock situation that simulated a real earthquake situation including fire hazard, human injuries, search and rescue and first aid treatments.


Evaluation of the simulation was done by NRCS experts to assess the effectiveness of the drill and its shortcomings. The major achievement of this event is that the community is now aware about the possible challenges and drill needs associated to the management system and usage of various emergency equipment.