Interaction program regarding construction of earthquake resilient shelter and community infrastructures


As an opening event of the 19th Earthquake Safety Day which is on 15 January, an interaction program on “Earthquake resilient shelter and infrastructure construction” was conducted successfully today in Siddhimangal Secondary School of Siddhipur, Mahalaxmi municipality, Lalitpur. The event was jointly organized by Friends Service Council Nepal and its partner organization DCA Nepal. 

The overall objective of the interaction program was to discuss on earthquake resilient settlements and how disaster related security can be improved to make livelihoods more secure and resilient in the present scenario after the devastating earthquake troubling the country time and again. Important individuals from various organizations, government line agencies, political parties and media persons were present in the event along with local community people. The program was followed by open discussion and interaction session with all the participants.

Some important things discussed in the interaction program are as follows:

Issues of unmanaged urbanization like present land plotting business and how it is affecting on construction as well as agriculture productivity of Kathmandu valley.

Issues of Newar community settlement areas where people own very small piece of land and  are facing serious problems for shelter reconstruction due to the recent government shelter construction guidelines.

Steps that need to be taken for building disaster resilient communities.


The program was chaired by executive chairperson of FSCN, Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa. The chief guest for the program was Aatma Ram Satyal, CEO of Mahalaxmi Municipality accompanied by other renowned guests like Mr. Bishnu Prasad Timilsina  (Secretary, Consumers rights protection), Mr. Rameshwor Poudel (Ward secretary), Tej Prasad Prasad Parajuli (Vice Principal – Siddhimangal School) and representatives of ward citizen forum, community health post, etc.

Mahalaxmi municipality CEO Mr. Aatma Ram Satyal highlighted about the extensive relief and recovery programmes conducted by FSCN during the first year after the April 2015 earthquake in various locations of Mahalaxmi municipality. He also expressed his desire to see FSCN as a lead non-government agency in Lalitpur working for recovery and reconstruction with a blanket approach covering all the wards of Mahalaxmi municipality.

FSCN is conducting another district level event with various activities like mass rally and exhibition on 16th of January in collaboration with Lalitpur sub-metropolitan office, DDRC Lalitpur, Nepal Red Cross Society Lalitpur and few other stakeholder non-government organizations. The rally will begin from Jawlakhel and end up in Patan durbar square where various informative stuffs will be displayed by FSCN along with other stakeholder organizations working for disaster management and disaster risk reduction sector in Lalitpur district.