Workshop entiltled “Establishment of Water and Sanitation Cooperative: Opportunities and Challenges” conducted

Friend Service Council Nepal (FSCN) jointly with Water, Sanitation and Hygiene-Resource Center Network Nepal (WASH-RCNN) organized a one-day national level workshop entitled “Establishment of Water and Sanitation Cooperative: Opportunities and Challenges” on 27 Dec, 2013 with the objectives to identify the opportunities and challenges for the establishment of WASH cooperatives,  and to strengthen knowledge and skill of the concerned stakeholders for the supply of clean drinking water and total sanitation through WASH cooperatives.


IMG_4538The workshop was participated by cooperative experts, representatives from the Department of cooperatives, National Federation of Cooperatives in Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population, I/NGOs working on WASH sector, Forum for protection of Consumer’ Rights and journalists. The programme was chaired by FSCN Chairperson Surya Bahadur Thapa and former Minister/Chairperson, National Federation of Cooperatives in Nepal, Keshab Badal was the chief guest.


The workshop proceeded with the formal opening ceremony followed by welcome speech and objectives highlight. Three papers related to the workshop title were presented and representative from the Ministry of Health and Population,  Dr. Dipendra Raman Singh commented on the papers before opening floor for open discussion. The workshop was concluded formally by the chairperson after the Chief Guest expressed his views.


Concluding the workshop formally, FSCN chairperson Surya Bahadur Thapa clarified that through WASH cooperatives participation of locals was expected to increase at the community on WASH sector and that WASH activities could be more sustainable economically as well as in terms of community empowerment. Viewing that the workshop was able to garner authentic views on the agenda, he thanked the participants for their views for or against the establishment of WASH cooperatives. He expressed that this workshop is just a beginning to ensure establishment of WASH cooperatives. Further discussion on the issue will be held in the coming days as well. IMG_4551