Bungmati Water Supply Improvement Project 2015


Bungmati Water Supply Improvement Project is the largest among many WASH projects supported by DCA/ NCA with coordination with its partner FSCN. This project is one of the best example of diamond model PPCP (Public, Private, Civil society Partnership) project in urban development. A strong coordination among the partners DCA/ NCA, FSCN, Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Limited (KUKL) and Bungmati Temporary Houseand Reconstruction Committee (THRC) resulted in a successful completion of this project. This diamond model of PPCP is the replication of Sanitation and Waste Management Project being implemented by FSCN in Butwal in partnership with WASTE Netherlands.


Bungmati lies in Karyabinak Municipality of Lalitpur District. The people of Bungmati had a severe water supply problem which was worsened by the Nepal earthquake 2015. The water distribution center which is at Saibu, a place near Bungmati has a huge water storage tank of capacity 3 million liters. The current pipeline connecting this center with Bungmati area is a 13 inch diameter pipe which carries a huge amount of water (0.3 to 0.5 million liters per day). Bungmati is at the end of the pipeline carrying that water. When the distribution center starts distributing water through the pipeline, the people of places before Bungmati uses almost all water and a very limited amount of water with very less pressure reaches Bungmati area. Keeping this scenario into consideration, the distribution center started supplying water at 2 o’ clock in the morning so that there would be lesser obstruction in the midway. But also, the problem could not be solved in the water scarce villages of Bungmati.

The people of Bungmati were requesting the government of Nepal to solve their problems anyhow. Since then, KUKL started to think of the ways to solve this critical problem of water which is a very basic need for of the human beings. They concluded that this problem can be solved by laying a new pipeline which will directly reach to the people of Bungmati without any distribution on the midway places. But KUKL could not get enough funds from the government to bring this plan into execution.

After Earthquake 2015

Meanwhile, the earthquake of 25th April made the situation much worse. The existing water supply pipelines were displaced and caused leakages which reduced that limited supply to almost null. When the FSCN/DCA/ NCA team members visited the area after some days upon request from the Temporary House Reconstruction Committee, everyone was shocked to see the situation of those people. Immediately, the team members started to search the possible options to solve this critical problem. For the time being, temporary water supply was ensured by water trucking.

Several meetings were organized among DCA/NCA, FSCN, THRC, KUKL and local community group representatives and came to a conclusion for the laying of new 6 inches diameter ductile iron (DI) pipeline from Saibu distribution center to Bungmati area.The total cost for the completion of this project was estimated to be 10.98 million Nepalese Rupees out of which 8.025 million (80% of project cost)was contributed by FSCN/DCA/NCA. The time frame to complete this project was not more than a month which was one of the challenges to complete this project.


Challenges in the project

The contract for the procurement and laying of the pipes was made with Gautam Construction Suppliers, a supplier selected from the global bidding process of KUKL.  The ductile iron (DI) pipes were to be imported from the neighboring country India as Nepal doesn’t have any industry producing such pipes. In the meantime, a strong movement and strike started in the southern areas of Nepal, the bordering area to India. The pipes were imported with close coordination with the district administration officers and security personals of Parsa and Makwanpur districts. With proper skirting of the security personals, the pipes were imported in the midnight into Kathmandu Valley.

For laying the pipelines on the sides of road, permission from the Department of Roads was a must as we were to excavate for some days.This was one of the very challenging parts to be done in a very limited time. But with the support from FSCN, KUKL and THRC and proper mobilization of the community people to pressurize the department, we were able to get the permission to excavate the roadside within a few days.There were many household distribution pipelines from the previous 13″ pipeline on the places we had to excavate.The people of places before Bungmati were worried about those distribution pipelines as the new pipeline won’t be benefiting them. A proper conflict management was ensured with the help of technicians and plumbers to fix the broken HHs pipes at site.

Project Completion and Inauguration Program

Within 10 days, 2500 m pipeline was laid which has ensured sufficient drinking water (0.2 – 0.3 million liters) to 1834 households of Bungmati.The people of Bungmati expressed their happiness organizing an inauguration program inviting DCA/NCA/FSCN team members with chief guest District Administration Officer of Lalitpur and Director General of KUKL. They gifted a token of love to DCA/ NCA team leader and FSCN executive chairperson to show the courtesy for helping them solve their problem.



Prepared by:

Er. Prashanta Poudel